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Shalom - !We believe in spreading the Hebrew language, and we also love Israel, that is why we've created the best online - worldwide Hebrew learning experience out there.In this course you will learnConversational ModernHebrew, while taking avirtual trip across Israel!How?We will leave the studio and visit various locations in Israel, explaining about each of them with amazing footage.We will record an Hebrew conversation in each spot (Subtitledwith Vowel Signed Hebrew +English translation).For every conversation, you can download the full script (in Hebrew /English /Hebrew-English transliteration), with 2 versions:B&W script - for you to print and practice with.Colored script - to easy navigate between Hebrew words and their meaning.For every conversation, you can download a word by wordacoustic-studio clear and slow recorded MP3 audio file.After every conversation, we will get back to the studio, and analyse each and every sentence we said there, with pro tips, and handwritten Hebrew.Every few dissections, we will stop for an Overview - covering all the verbs and new words in a deeper manner.Also includes:Hebrew reading skills refreshments references (Vowel Signs / Handwritten).Extra materials to download for almost every lecture in the course.Vocabulary enhancements practices for every conversation.Interactive Quizzes.Support and answers from our 2 Hebrew Instructors (Creators ofHebrew For Beginners UdemyBestseller), Guy Ben-Moshe &Itzik Pinhasov.Locations in part 2:TheKinneret, 3 conversations.Saar Falls, 2 conversations.Tiberias Inn, 1 conversation.Join us, we are waiting for you :)Thank you for learning Hebrew - / / .

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