RC Lantian DC Buck Power Supply Module Converter Board 3 USB Output XT60 to USB Charger For IOS Android

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  • Производитель: Topacc


Описание и характеристики

Description:Operating Voltage: DC 6V-36VWith input reverse protection, output short circuit protectionOutput voltage: 5.3V/5A/25WOutput capacity:6-24V input: output 5.2V/6A/30W;24-32V input: output 5.2V/5A/25W;32-36V input: output 5.2V/3.5A/18WSize: 70*40*30cm (L*W*H)Applications: this module can be used for DIY modified cars, motorcycles, mobile power, battery USB charging port, to the phone, MP3 or other digital products chargeFeatures:1.Synchronous rectification scheme, wide voltage, high current, high efficiency;2.With terminal blocks and DC plug, easy to use;3.4 USB ports, all with fast charging identification chip, compatible with Android Iphone4.With fine aluminum shell, easy to usePackage Included:1x DC Buck Power Supply Module

Обновлено: 03.08.2020

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